Here are the young scientists that joined the CLAND team :



Postdoctoral research at Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement (CIRED), Thais is working under the CLAND project to evaluate the prospects of land-based mitigation options for future decarbonisation of the global economy. She has expertise in climate policy analysis particularly related to carbon pricing proposals for developing countries, international trading, economic modelling and sustainability research.


Dr. YuanYuan HUANG

Yuanyuan is working as a postdoctoral researcher on the CLAND project, exploring the zone between Nationally-Determined Contributions of Parties to the Paris Agreement, UNFCCC inventories in the sectors of Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use and scientific understanding of N2O emissions to propose practical land-based N2O mitigation strategies.

 Yang SU  

Mr. Yang SU

Yang Su is a PhD student at UMR ECOSYS, INRA / AgroParisTech, currently he works on the environmental and agronomical impacts of land-based climate change mitigation measures under climate change trend through deep learning approaches such as random forests and deep neural network (DNN) algorithm. (For more details about him, please visit his LinkedIn website:

 Corentin Pinsard  

Mr. Corentin PINSARD

Corentin is a PhD student, developing a modelling framework to assess the resilience of farming systems across Europe, at INRA, SAD APT research unit. As part of Cland project, in the challenge 2, he will find ecological production functions at French and European scale from actual data and then assess the supply of ecosystem services in different scenarios of land use change and climate change.

Ivan Cornut   



Ivan has started a PhD at ESE laboratory in Orsay. He is working on using a process-based modelling approach to assess the impact of mineral cycles on stand growth and ressource-use in tropical Eucalypt plantations. This work is done in collaboration with CIRAD lab Eco&Sols in Montpellier that has obtained important amounts of data on various fertilisation experiments, conducted in Brasil.


 BRUNI Elisa copie  

Ms. Elisa BRUNI

Elisa is a PhD student in soil modeling, working between LSCE and ECOSYS under the supervision of Claire Chenu and Bertrand Guenet. Her PhD consists in estimating the biomass inputs that need to be brought to the soil to reach a soil organic carbon storage increase of 4x1000 per year. She will use several soil organic carbon models to estimate the uncertainties related to the different models at global scale and at local scale for France and China.  

 Maxime BRIERE  

Mr. Maxime BRIERE

Maxime BRIERE is PhD student at ESE lab since November 2018. The aim of his work is to adapt and validate a flux model to different tree densities of the sessile oak and the Douglas Fir tree species. Using the results, some insight might be given to ONF, who is co-funding the work, in order to adapt the forest management in a global change context.


Ms. Yitong YAO

Yitong is a phD student project on "modelling interactions between drought and nutrients in forest and their impacts on forest productivity and tree mortality". Her current work focuses on improving the plant hydraulics architecture in ORCHIDEE-CAN and better predicting the tree mortality with loss of water conductivity from the improved model.