Working in Cland : PhD and postdoctoral fellowship opportunities
You are interested by : « land based solutions to reduce climate change » ; «  adaptation of crop and wood production in the face of climate change » ; « integrative science about the land use - food - energy sector »


The CLAND convergence institute is built around three scientific challenges for which two flagship projects have started and 10 theses will be launched and 5 post-doc researchers hired.

The flagship project associated to land-based climate mitigation (challenge 1) will review and design land-based mitigation deployment scenarios (RL1.1), proceed to a multi-criteria assessment of selected land-based mitigation measures (RL1.2) and look critically into the appraisal of NDCs and their mitigation potential and improvements (RL1.3).

The flagship project associated toagriculture and forestry under climate pressure (challenge 2) will study the effect of recent climate change (trends and extremes) on crop and livestock product (RL2.1), look into optimizing both food production systems (RL2.2) and forest management (RL2.3) under climate and environmental pressure.


PhD opportunities with hosting laboratory and researcher :

- the cost-effectiveness of land-based management options to mitigate agricultural GHG emissions in France / ECOPUB - L. Bamière

- the impact of land-based mitigation measures / ECOSYS - B. Gabrielle

- Re-appraisal of NDCs and evaluation of how SOC sequestration could additionally contribute to NDCs /  LSCE - B. Guenet

- Deployment and multi-criteria evaluation of LMM scenarios in case studies / ECOSYS - R. Massad

- Optimizing portfolio of land use activities to reduce production instability at large scales

- Multiple ecological production functions / SADAPT - M. Tichit

- Models for trade-off / synergy analysis between food production, ecosystem services, biodiversity and environmental impacts / HBAN - J. Tournebize

- Parametrizing ecophysiological-forestry models / LSCE - N. Viovy and ESE - N. Delpierre


Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities with hosting laboratory and researcher :

- the review of land-based mitigation measures / CIRED - T. Brunelle and C. Guivarch

- BECCS and other alternative mitigation measures in the context of SSP scenarios / AGRONOMIE - D. Makowski

- Review land-based mitigation measures in NDCs / LMD - O. Boucher

- Selection of weather-based indices to anticipate yield losses before harvest / AGRONOMIE - D. Makowski

- Land management option space for adapting food production systems to climate change / SADAPT - F. Accatino