2018 General Assembly

The 2018 General Assembly was held on 27 September at the Sorbonne Université (Paris).

Please find hereafter all the presentations made during this event.

Kick-off flagship 1 and 2

A kick-off meeting for the flagship projects related to challenge 1 (Land-based climate mitigation) and 2 (Food, water and bioenergy under climate change) will take place on December 19th 2017.

The meeting will be held from 9.15 AM to 1 PM, room n°32 at the AgroParisTech headquarters (rue Claude Bernard in Paris).


The agenda will be as following :

- Reminder of the objectives and case studies planned for both challenges.

- Databases used

- Focus on the metholologies

- Organisation of mini-conferences in 2018

- Planned Recruitments for 2018 and 2019

- Common perspectives et animations between challenges 1 and 2

Download this file (Challenge 1 CLAND_v4 -Oct 11_clean.pdf)Challenge 1 CLAND_v4 -Oct 11_clean.pdf[Flagship project challenge 1]474 kB
Download this file (Challenge 2 -CLand v4 -Oct 11_clean.pdf)Challenge 2 -CLand v4 -Oct 11_clean.pdf[Flagship project challenge 2]760 kB

Presentations from the CLAND kick-off meeting

You will find hereafter the following presentations :

- Overview of CLAND goals and foreseen activities by P. Ciais

- Presentation of the CLAND project under Challenge 1 “Land-based climate mitigation” by B. Guenet, B. Gabrielle & C. Chenu

- “The role of Forests in the Paris Agreement: expectations and scientific challenges” by Giacomo Grassi (JRC)

- “Innovation and climate change” by Daniel Zimmer (Climate KIC)

- Presentation of the CLAND project under Challenge 2 “Agriculture & forestry under climate pressure” by D. Makowski, M. Tichit & J. Tournebize

- The CLAND Graduate programme by P. Bousquet

-“Insights from global modelling of climate mitigation and adaptation in the land use sector” by Petr Havlik & Michael Obersteiner (IIASA)

- Presentation of the CLAND challenge 3 “Managing the transition towards integrated land management” by T. Brunelle & N. Viovy

Download this file (Cland_Challenge1.pdf)Challenge 1[Challenge 1]692 kB
Download this file (Cland_Challenge2.pdf)Challenge 2[Challenge 2]1513 kB
Download this file (Cland_Challenge3.pdf)Challenge 3[Challenge 3]519 kB
Download this file (CLAND_D.Zimmer_ClimateKIC.pdf)Innovation and Climate Change[Innovation and Climate Change]1407 kB
Download this file (CLAND_IIASA_13sep17.pdf)CLAND_IIASA_13sep17.pdf[Insights from global modelling of climate mitigation and adaptation in the land use sector]1961 kB
Download this file (Cland_kickoff_intro_ciais_sep13.pdf)Cland_kickoff_intro_ciais_sep13.pdf[Overview of the CLAND goals and foreseen activities]3388 kB
Download this file (Cland_PBousquet_education.pdf)Cland_PBousquet_education.pdf[The Cland graduate program]630 kB
Download this file (G. Grassi Forests' role in PA.pdf)G. Grassi Forests' role in PA.pdf[The role of forests in the Paris Agreement]7557 kB